Beckoning Call{0}

I am feeling very inspired today and I find myself sitting here again with a little more to say. So I figured I might as well share with you who mean the most to me… Enjoy and I hope you are all having a love filled day.

I spent my youth by the waters edge
Immersed in a prayer that you would find thee
Waiting patiently as the years passed by
I began to wonder if you could hear me
Would you listen to my beckoning call
Or would I wonder aimlessly without you
Perhaps I was just a hopeless romantic
And you were never really supposed to
But if we inherently believe in miracles
To the entire world we must profess
That anything is possible and
So we adhere to its bequests
There is someone for everyone
And this I hold true
From the bottom of my heart
I have waited patiently for you
I thought that I was dreaming
When you walked through the door
The first time our eyes embraced
And I knew I wanted more
Years would pass with more encounters
Yet never a word of happenstance
We would always just walk away
Leaving our connections to chance
How ironic that you should find me now
Within reach of your similar path
Only time can reveal the truth
If there’s such a thing as our other half
© 2010