Choose Yes{1}

You know how sometimes when you loose something, you become beside yourself with grief trying to find it. You keep looking for it even in places you know it can’t possibly be. Is this what we do when we are looking for someone? Could that be why sometimes we end up with the wrong person? We were looking in the wrong place to begin with?

But where is the right place and when do we know it’s the right person? How do we let go of that which is not right for us? How do we accept the person that is? How do we let go of the things that were instilled in us as kids? Why is it so much easier to believe negative criticism than high praise? Why did we believe that? Why do we seek out what will help us escape and give us false hope and happiness for a night? Why do we not believe in ourselves when everyone around us believes in us? What is it they see that we don’t see? Is it possible to turn it around? To turn ourselves around and see that we are made from greatness?

Let’s choose yes. Let’s speak in the first person and speak with intention. Let’s make these statements emphatically and let’s keep saying them over and over until they become a part of us. Isn’t our own encouragement worth a few minutes of the day? The time is now. Let’s say this loud and clear.

“I believe in me.  I know implicitly, that I have a realm of possibilities at my disposal and I know utterly and completely that I am capable of so much.  I set my goals high and I follow through with conviction. I am here to serve and I lead by example. I owe it to myself and to everyone around me, to live up to my true potential.  I know that I hold the secret to my own success.  It is my turn to shine.  I am very deserving.  I can afford it and I accept all the riches that life has to offer.  I welcome and accept the beauty of life.  I trust and therefore attract and accept trustworthy people in my life.  I let go wholeheartedly of my limiting beliefs.  I release them.  I am brave and courageous and willing and able. I embrace my opportunities with the respect they deserve.  I am beautiful and I am loved.” 

© 2010