A power connection and we are the sky… not the clouds going by.  What will you ask of your mirror that you say that I am?  Will you let your fears cloud it like the steam from a shower or will you embrace it?  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  The past has a hold on you on you but you didn’t know.  It’s where you’ve been living and couldn’t let go.  How could you embrace change if you don’t change the fears that stop you?  If you leap the net will appear.  When life tries to get the best of you remember me.  The way I made you laugh when you thought you didn’t want to.  How were we to know that I could push your buttons?  Did our intuition fail us?  Or did we call out for each other?  Was there a lesson we were supposed to learn but we missed class that day?  When someone leaves us it is the Universe giving us a gift.  When we let them go with love and forgiveness that is our way of saying Thank You.  When we least expect it and someone joins us… our acceptance is allowing the Universe to say You Are Very Welcome.   Basking in memories I write, I smile, I think of all that has passed.  My friends, my lovers, the male versions of myself.  I choose a journey into the future.  In peace, in light and in laughter.  Take the leap now.  Join me on the new vibrational level where if you listen you can hear me… It is there that we will continue our beautiful conversations… it is here that we will always remain friends.

© 2010