Let’s Be{0}

On Februrary 14th we will come into the Chinese New Year.  The Year of the Tiger. And this New Year is said to be a year of bravery.

Tigers are highly adaptable, territorial and are mostly solitary.  But of the nine subspecies of tigers, three are extinct and the other six are endangered.

In honor of the Tiger I propose that we all live up to the year and face our challenges courageously.  Let’s be brave in our endeavors.  Unwavering in our intentions and honest in our exchanges.  
Let’s remember to be gracious but independent.  Let’s have tolerance and let us practice patience.  Let’s be risk takers and embrace the excitement life has to offer.  Let’s be attractive to our beholders and conscious in our decisions.  
Everything we do has a direct effect on someone, something, somewhere.  Let’s stand up for what we believe in.  Know that it does take one person doing one thing to make a difference.  To create a movement.  To alter the path of global consciousness.  
Let’s not act hastily and remember to be sympathetic to others.  Let us live not vicariously through the lives of our great leaders but take action in supporting their intentions.  Let us be the best versions of ourselves.  Let us express our individuality but come together as a group. 
Let’s be fearless, heroic, bold, daring, adventurous, loving, kind, joyous, happy, sympathetic, empathetic, powerful, grateful, humble, successful, thankful, appreciative, and brave.

© 2010