God Winks{0}

My favorite books are the ones that offer insight instead of answers. Challenges instead of cop outs.  Books that make me think, question and look within.  For the most part I am like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, I always have a self-help book on me.  Only now it’s on my kindle for iphone.

I don’t just read the book either.  I call it doing the book.  If there are exercises, I am doing them. I keep a pen and paper handy and I get down to it. I answer honestly and I open myself up to the messages and possibilities.  When you trust in the process it’s like leaning over a cliff and knowing that you won’t fall. Really look around and heed the advice hidden in the most obscure of places.  These answers are gifts.  Big beautiful gifts wrapped in coincidences that come in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve been doing this book called When God Winks by, Squire Rushnell. It’s a loaner from a friend and I am madly in love with this book. The philosophy behind God Winks is that every time a coincidence happens in your life, it is God winking at you.  Translation.  You are on your right path and everything around you is supporting you on your journey.  

You see I LOVE coincidences.  I even keep a coincidence journal from time to time because it helps me appreciate my life and all the good I receive.  

It’s been slow for me in the freelance world.  I have had three jobs go away and as you can imagine my first instinct was to panic.  To freak out and stress over where my next job was was coming from.  But then I realized something and the evidence started to unfold around me in a series of  God Winks.  

My sister and I had been talking about a business adventure together for just over a month. While doing my book one night. I had an epiphany.  I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face and I woke with an even bigger one.  I got on the computer and started doing research.  To move the story ahead… I had my moments of doubt but everywhere I looked for a sign telling me that I was making the right choices the signs were there to guide me.  Here’s a very interesting example.  One of many but the one I am choosing to share.  It was a real eye opener for me.  

I was so annoyed Saturday afternoon. My information wasn’t coming fast enough and I was at my wits end with everything I had to do.  I was stressed out, I was tired and I was questioning whether I could even do this endeavor at all. 

Gahl Sasson had a scheduled seminar, The Alchemy of Relationships based on his new book, The Cosmic Navigator and I really wanted to go. I had been looking forward to it for 3 week.  I invited a friend and we decided to car pool.  On the drive over, I was expressing my doubts and letting them get the best of me.  My friend was be very supportive and telling me “You can do it, I know you can”.  I wondered.

As I exhaled a sigh I turned my head to look out the window at the same exact time as a man holding a white bag with black lettering held it up over his face.  I remember thinking, that’s odd, what is he doing? Is he hiding?” When I realized that simultaneously with the thought I was reading the black lettering, which left me saying in my head, “I can do it”.

I was instantly rejuvenated!  I look at my friend with the biggest smile and I said, Oh My God.. God just winked at me!

I heeded the advice and now I am seriously and diligently pursuing this endeavor.  Because I am on my right path, I am experiencing more and more gifts of coincidences.  The first 3 went unnoticed until now.  And they were the biggest ones.  If any of those 3 jobs would have booked, I wouldn’t be where I am in this moment.

I hope God winks at you today too.

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