On the Other Side of Life{0}

It’s working.  Not being a survivor is serving me well.  I ask for help when I need it and yet I still fend for myself.  I know that everything is falling into place and I am not forcing it.  I am living with intention and the luck has found it’s way to me.  I have faith in who I am and yet I am still challenging the power of my subconscious mind.

In essence I have been practicing the art of doing nothing.  I don’t mean nothing in the true sense of the word.  I mean nothing as in I am not stressing over what I must have.  I am enjoying what I do have.  I am not worried about tomorrow because I am to busy embracing today.  I am not worrying about what the future holds because I am living in the moment.

A moment holds many variables.  A lot can happen in a moment.  In one single moment, I can take a deep breath as I take in the life happening around me…  a bird chirps for it’s mother and a sea lion jumps into the ocean off the dock, I over hear someone say, “I love you” and that brings a smile to my face, then someone starts up a boat in the distance as a family of ducks walks by looking for crumbs.  And just when the moment is almost up my puppy jumps into my lap to lick my face and the moment ends to the sound of me laughing.

Life is what we make of it and what we make of our life starts with what we think about ourselves and the life we are living.  Thoughts become things and what we dwell on becomes our reality.  Let go of the labels and the limiting beliefs.  Let go of the judgements of yourself and of others.  Live and let live.  Relinquish the control.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  De-brainwash yourself.

Cut out the negative thoughts by replacing them with a positive counterpart.  In the beginning just simply saying the word “positive” when you think something negative will stop the thought dead in it’s tracks.  Trick yourself into believing the best of everything and the best of everything will find you. Do whatever it takes and say whatever you have to say to yourself to know that we create our own destiny.

We are responsible for our own lives and our lives are meant to be great!  Life on the other side is filled with success at my endeavors, fulfilling exchanges with my friends, love in my heart, and acceptance for my mistakes as lessons learned.

My grandfather told me a story once that stuck with me my entire life (sometimes I just forget the story and I have to remind myself of it’s message)
There was a guy walking down the street feeling really sorry for himself.  He let the pity get the best of him until he just couldn’t take it anymore.. He leaned himself against a wall and slowly slid himself down the wall until he was sitting in the gutter crying like a child.  He was so self absorbed and lost in his wallowing over the fact that he didn’t have any shoes that he hadn’t noticed that he sat down next to another man and when he looked over at the guy… he had no feet.

What side of your life are you living on?