Empty your Pockets {0}

It’s a Sunday morning on the coast and the clouds make their way to shore.  The smell of rain is in the air and the cleansing should come soon.  Being the over thinker has my brain working overdrive and the off button seems to be stuck.  The dryer bustles in the background and the smell(…)

Ace of Hearts {0}

To my King of Hearts… Masquerade hearts don’t keep from getting broken and what we dwell on becomes our identity. I don’t want to wear it anymore.  A wink. A smile. A laugh. Emotions on my sleeve and I feel I’m torn in half. Is there a happily ever after in the land of effervescent rainbows?(…)

Self Indulgence {0}

Moon shadows flowers bloom and I am smiling.  The night falls and stars fill my sky.  Sleep comes to find me and I welcome it willingly. A soft gentle kiss on my cheek and I blush.  The peaceful wonderments of a life worth listening to.  A speciality in motion and a secret crush, a shared(…)

A Subtle Touch {0}

As the voice in you touches me… I speak                                      As your words touch my mind…. I open As your fingers touch my flesh… I weaken                         (…)

Time Travel {3}

Here I am again… knowing there is no catching up to the time that passes, but finding my way to my words again.  I can’t go back.  It’s been months since my last blog entry and I won’t be able to call for a do over.  What’s done is done. But it’s not about what(…)