Self Indulgence{0}

Moon shadows flowers bloom and I am smiling.  The night falls and stars fill my sky.  Sleep comes to find me and I welcome it willingly. A soft gentle kiss on my cheek and I blush.  The peaceful wonderments of a life worth listening to.  A speciality in motion and a secret crush, a shared laugh and it’s a distant memory.  Glistening eyes and I am naive and vulnerable.  Give me something to think about.  Make me laugh.  And I’ll giggle. A ride on a rail train.  You drink my shirley temple and I’ll eat the ice.  Everything is valuable and we should stop to smell the flowers.  Make a wish.  A night in shining armor and dreams of a kiss.  A moment long gone but now I’ve found my smirk.  A lesson learned and I’ve broken the lineage.  A new past is set in motion and I won’t look back.  Not attracted to that which I can’t have.  Skipping along my journey, my own yellow brick road.  I feel set free.  I’ve found the butterfly in me.  Forever.