An Old Prayer, A New Day {0}

Dear God, Universe, Higher Consciousness, May you find it in your heart to help us find our true path.  Help the greedy to be humbled and help the poor for they are so many.  Please see us all through any times of hardship and despair.  May everyone have food on their tables, love for their(…)

Be Free {0}

I know my Venting entry yesterday was a bit self-absorbed.  But I was really frustrated.  I was angry at the world, my past, my present, and me!  I know my New York pace and tenacity leave me breathless.  I get in my own way.  I’m working on it.  I am looking within.  I am trying(…)

Venting {0}

Repeating patterns and setting myself up for the fall.  It’s a good thing I’m living life these days turned upside down. I recognize the motif of the silence in the room, a play-pen unattended and you’re sleeping in a tomb. Thank God for persistence and undeniable faith, or it would be easy to walk away(…)

Signs {0}

I’m trying to heed my own advise.  It’s not always easy and I’m starting to wonder if I am just prone to negative thoughts.  I guess it would be inevitable having grown up in a world of verbal abuse and neglect that my wounds would run deep.  Questioning myself all the time is harrowing. But(…)

Rendition of Color {0}

One of my favorite sensory memories is the smell the morning after a big rain.  I love it.  I am reminded of early summer mornings in New York waiting for the bus to pick me up for day camp. The senses are a powerful thing.  Our senses provide us with protection.  They show us beauty(…)

Words Renamed {0}

When I don’t write I miss it.  It has become a friend to me. A confidante. A place to call home.  The one constant in my life that has never betrayed me, or left my side, or didn’t embrace me when I was crying.  For me the words come and the world fades aways and(…)

Agreements {2}

I am trying very hard to stay optimistic on my journey. This test of nature vs. nurture that I somehow signed myself up for is like an amusement park ride.  I get dizzy.  I find myself one minute ecstatic at the prospect of what lay ahead and then one thing sets me off and I(…)

Live Happy Love Often {0}

Happy Valentine’s Day

Shhhh {0}

Have you ever tried to recall something in a conversation but it just doesn’t come to mind?  You know what the answer is.  It’s right there on the tip of your tongue but arghh you just can’t remember.  And no matter how hard you try to think the answer through your lips.  Nothing. Then ironically(…)

A Bigger Picture {2}

Sometimes I fall prey to old habits.  I am not proud of these moments.  They are actually annoying and tiresome.  But I try not to judge.  Life has it’s ups and downs and the key to life could just be as simple as having more ups than downs but knowing to appreciate the downs and(…)