Repeating patterns and setting myself up for the fall.  It’s a good thing I’m living life these days turned upside down.

I recognize the motif of the silence in the room, a play-pen unattended and you’re sleeping in a tomb.

Thank God for persistence and undeniable faith, or it would be easy to walk away reliving countless falls from grace.

No one can let you down if you don’t allow them to hold you up.  Just ask the guy at the street light rustling his cup.

Every obstacle comes with stepping stones just watch where you walk.  Know misguided intentions and know who to trust.

Getting to the bottom of it all I must find the crux, or I fear I shall find myself in a constant state of flux.

Music plays and cars pass by, a never ending symphony of life lessons and good-byes.

The rain falls willingly and renders me awake, it’s time to regroup for everybody’s sake.

Stop the second guessing and letting others hold you back, be patient and tenacious, focus on the tasks.

A meeting of minds in hopes of letting go, of the past twenty years of reliving all I know.

An undeniable conviction that if I leap the net will appear.

One can only hope.