Creative Expression{0}

Perception, one of the oldest quantitative laws in psychology. Comprehension, our level of understanding.  Impression, a subconscious formation of opinion. Interpretation, a personal adaptation of explanation.  Expression, a declaration of communication.  Creativity, the opus of imagination.   

Creativity is an experience that is different for everyone.  It can be a spoken confession, a musical apology, or a danced acceptance.  Creation takes many forms and can be a written soliloquy, a spiritual prayer or a painted brighter future. 

The art of creating can lift someone out of depression, it can find laughter through tears, and success out of failure.  Creation is personal and can invoke confidence in defeat, determination out of loss, and persistence out of procrastination.

Creative expression can help us find answers to questions that are just beyond our reach.  It can help us manifest change and appreciation.  Creative expression can be silly and remind us of childhood or it can be serious and find cures for cancer.  It can create a new app for you cell phone and it can set you on a new path.

Is it possible to find the creative expression in all that we do?  Instead of going to work should we say we are going to play?  Should we decorate our play space with something that makes us smile?  I have a stack of Dr. Seuss books on my desk.  I call it my play station.  If you don’t sit at a desk for work play maybe find a trinket that reminds you of something that makes you smile.  

Creative expression makes the world a better place.

Finding our happy place opens us up to creating.  Whether it be teaching a first grade class, running a fortune five hundred company or responsibility for someones hedge fund.  If we’re happy, people around us will be happy and the best creation comes when we all pool together and know that team work, makes the dream work.  

What part are you playing?