Your Essence{1}

      When we experience negative thoughts about ourselves we are putting limitations on our growth.  We are placing ourselves in a box and closing the lid.  There can be no sun in this kind of darkness.  When we realize we are being negative we can simply choose to change our thinking.  As I have said before, even the simple act of saying the word positive can uplift our frame of mind.  Experiencing all or nothing thinking feeds the hunger of negativity.
      Our perceptions of how events effect us is rooted in our approach to life.  Our own life and the lives of others.  The worse kind of negativity is when it is projected toward others.

      Negativity • (of a person, attitude, or situation) not optimistic; harmful or unwelcome  
             • (of a statement or decisionexpressing or implying denialdisagreement, or refusal 

       One way to release the binds of negativity is to come up with multiple explanations surrounding an event.  Another way is to be accountable for the part you play in the occurrences in your life.  Do you see a theme?  Do you find yourself saying the same thing but to a different recipient?  Doesn’t it get old?  It must play like a broken record.  Hmm.  
      It’s time to turn judgement into solution.  To let go of blame!  To be accountable.
      If you always find blame in what others are doing or not doing for you don’t you think it’s time for you to start figuring out what you can do for yourself or for others?  It’s a lot more rewarding and when we fend for ourselves a funny thing happens.  You’ll see.
      If you spend your day engaging in gossip you will find that it is you that gets left behind and eventually people won’t want to be around you anymore.  That would be lonely.
      Instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing why wouldn’t you figure out what you could be doing?  Giving back to the world in some way is a perfect remedy for releasing negativity and there are so many ways to get out of your own way.  Volunteer for kids, help save a whale, Clean up your street.
       If we focus on the negativity in the world negativity will find us.  And be careful because negativity breeds like cancer.  It can actually physically make you sick and I am sure it would certainly make the people around you sick.  Nothing good ever comes out of trying to inflict negativity on others.  Negativity towards others is vindictive and often stems from your own delusions.   
       Negativity may be harmful to others but it’s more harmful to the person engaging it.  Another very strong case against negativity is this.  If you try to inflict negativity on others and they don’t engage (and hopefully they don’t), that negativity has to go somewhere.  It will find its way back to the source and it will multiply ten fold.  Eek!
      The world is a BIG place and it’s chock full of amazing opportunities!  There is enough abundance to go around for all of us.  Energy is in a constant flow.  It surrounds us like the puff of a blown dandelion.  Positive energy brings ideas.  These ideas are tossed around within this energy and it is ours for consideration. 
      Let’s share, let’s fill our hearts and our lives with love.  Let’s look at what we can do for others instead of what they can do for us, let’s be examples to those around us.  Let’s know that some things aren’t going to work out but that others will.  Let’s know that within each industry there is enough room for all of us to be allies,  let’s bring our own twist, personality and approach to everything we pursue.  Let’s do so with positivity. 
      If our essence becomes the good in the world the good will find us.  Do you think Microsoft and Mac hate each other?  No they coexist and they poke fun at each other in commercials.  Do you think Nike and Converse are at odds because they are both sneaker companies?  On the contrary they actually merged and created a bigger company.  Do you think authors are at odds with each other?  No!  Instead they compliment each other and put forwards and positive quotes on each others books. 

      What does your essence say about you?