An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.  ~Arnold Glasow

Revised check in #4 
NO – Website failure, could be at least 3 weeks away!

YES – May have an idea!  Just came to me while writing the NO above… hmm.. more to come!

Check in #4  –  NO vs. YES experiment
     Productive weekend. 
     Prepped for NY Nike job all day Saturday (and back at it this week).  Saturday night submitted another literary query package for my book. Sunday spent the whole day in edit, Sunday night submitted another literary query package. 
     ~ YES!  Final edit complete for our fund raising teaser for our documentary – will post it soon.
     ~ YES!  Website under way.  Hope to be up and running this week.
     More to come!
     Are you joining me on the journey?  How’s your no vs. yes list looking?  Let me know how you’re doing in your travels.