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“Re-shape yourself thru the power of your will.

                                                                                            ~ Unknown Quotes from The Bhagavad Gita

We don’t always see it at the time, but just when we least expect it the Universe will make sure we are receiving what we need.  Food and water may be fundamental requirements for our sustainability but accomplishment can re-shape our lives and give us hope for a better future.

Wanting something implies lack.  It is non-existent and empty.  Take a good look at the list of things you want.  How long have you been wanting these things?  It may surprise you to take a look and realize that when we are in constant state of wanting, we are left with just that.  More wanting.

Adjustments need to be made in our thinking, in our approach and in our habits.  Some faith will be involved, and action, the Universe responds to us taking action. Know what it is you want and then let go of it.  Trust that it is enough to know the want and let the Universe take care of the how.

We can’t just sit idle though.  Pleas don’t misinterpret what I say here.  We must be intentional and we must be resolute in our approach.  Let the power of your intention be the vehicle you drive on the road of your chosen path.  And let your will make certain that your vehicle is always powered.   

I haven’t checked in for a bit because I have been so busy pursuing and leaping into action.  And I still don’t know how my pursuits are going to see through the finish line but I have faith that I am getting close.  My will to succeed sees me through the no’s that I am still receiving.  But engaging in action and believing in my will to succeed shall see me through.

My will is indestructible and my faith is undeniable.  I received another no today.  I’m excited by it.  The Universe is watching out for me.  The Universe must not have seen a healthy prosperous partnership there and was protecting me from the wrong outcome.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go.  You think you want something so bad or someone so intently but it’s not essentially what we need.  The Universe knows what we need.  It doesn’t respond necessarily to what we want.  The two can be very confusing.  But the outcome is a gift.  We just don’t always see it in the moment.

All I can say is, thank you for always having my best interest at heart.  I shall keep partaking in my course of action and re-shaping myself through the power of my will.

What gifts have you been getting?