Part II of the Series – A Conscious Whisper {0}

There may not be explicit directions or a road map that can show us how to think but we can train ourselves to be our own compass.  We can look from one side to the other for a definitive description of our essential qualities.  We can embrace our creativity or ponder logic.  Sometimes we can(…)

Part 1 of the Series – What side are you on Anyway? {0}

                There are two sides to every story.  And at certain glance, two halves to every whole.  We know it takes two parts to complete a circle and there are two distinct cerebral hemispheres in our brain. Based on research in the late 60’s American psycho-biologist Roger Sperry, 1981(…)

No Judgement {0}

We need to embrace who we are.  We can’t worry that people are judging us.  We shouldn’t hide.  Our truths are our own. People are either going to understand us or they’re not.  Let’s face it.  Some people are judgmental.  They don’t mean to be.  Sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing it.  Admittedly,(…)

Check in Number 11 {1}

It’s been a long week.  I don’t know whether to pout, cry, laugh, stomp my feet, or throw in the towel.  Of course, it’s a given.  I am going to do everything but throw in the towel! The hours I am keeping are ridiculous but welcome to music videoville.   I have to remember that(…)

A Four Part Series {0}

It’s amazing how different we all are.  Our perceptions really do make us truly unique.  The way we view life, the things we say, what we do and the company we keep, says a lot about who we are.  Our approach to any given situation is our tell.  We have our philosophies, our belief systems(…)

Beloved {0}

Being the eternal optimist that I am it is no wonder that I might be branded the hopeless romantic.  Maybe I was born to the wrong era.  Maybe I just think old fashion should never go out of style.  Fads are what we make them.  Some things are meant to hold onto, an old locket(…)

Humble Admissions {0}

Okay it’s official, I am a lamb chop. As much as I hate to admit it, I do have feelings. I am not the strong, knights shield of armor, New York tough girl, exterior shell I show to the world. I am susceptible to harm, I get sad, and my feelings get hurt. Sometimes I(…)

Shifts & Check In Number 9 {0}

Time sure does pass when you are focussing on other things.  Spring is trying to decide if it’s really here or not with warm weather one day and cold wind the next.  But the sun is out and brings promise.  How’s your check in experiment going?  Are you still pursuing? This morning on my walk(…)

Power Vocabulary {0}

“You can create the energy to turn your dreams into   reality by knowing what to say when you talk to yourself.”                                                                  Shad Helmstetter, Author  Need(…)

Life With One Eye Open {0}

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