Awareness isn’t Enough? {0}

Bali Stairs Photo Courtesy of Sean Newhouse Being the W Chaser finds me asking a lot of questions. Hopefully the conduit opens the channels of communication. Why is it so easy to obtain a habit but so hard to break it? What is at the crux of our own truth? Where do we go to(…)

Course of Action {0}

Photo Courtesy of Chris Fox You can change your course of action in any given day by simply taking a moment to slow down the mind, take a deep breath and get into your place of new intention. Ever notice that when you are running late that everything that could go wrong does? You get(…)

Lucky Is What Lucky Does {0}

                                              Photo courtesy of Sean Newhouse If you believe you are lucky than luck will find you. If you practice then practice makes perfect. When you’re perfect the stars will align and will shower(…)

Is Your Door Open? {0}

Bali doorway, Photo courtesy of Sean Newhouse The truth is, trust takes a minute. It can be hard to come by and it is easily taken away. Only you can make the choice to trust again by trusting in yourself. The truth is, trust comes from knowing you have integrity and taking responsibility for your actions.(…)

How Do You Do? {0}

   It’s that time again. Time to look in the mirror. Look into the mirror and remember. Look into our own eyes and recall the beauty. Gaze, admire, look deep, see pure, and when you get enough courage together, smile.  Smile big. Smile genuinely at the smile smiling back at you. A smile on your(…)

Did You Know? {0}

You were born to be a miracle so observe who you are.  Make your own decisions by listening to your life.  The hope will help you believe in you. In the beginning there was… you. You found your way into this world. You were strong enough to break free.  You were smart enough to know which way(…)

Don’t Ask {0}

      Being the W Chaser brings lots of questions. They seem to be never-ending.  I am constantly perplexed by people even if not always so surprised. For the most part people will prove us right, they will do exactly what we think they will do even if we hope they will do something different.(…)

Part IV – Hearing the Silence {0}

After what feels like many life times ago, my thoughts bring me memories of a very significant part of my past. On the one hand the struggle was inherently unavoidable and constantly threatened to ruin me. For as far back as my memories will take me, there has always been an unequivocal need for silence.  My inner(…)

Part III – Is That An Angel On Your Shoulder? {0}

Since the beginning of time there has been a struggle between good and evil. It is prevalent in comic books, movies and literature. It is evident in our lives with others when we have arguments, misunderstandings or altercations. It is apparent in our lives when we experience inner contention, hostility and conflict. Most of us(…)