Is Your Door Open?{0}

Bali doorway, Photo courtesy of Sean Newhouse
The truth is, trust takes a minute. It can be hard to come by and it is easily taken away. Only you can make the choice to trust again by trusting in yourself.
The truth is, trust comes from knowing you have integrity and taking responsibility for your actions. When you have confidence in your innate power trust becomes imaginable.
The truth is, trust is hard to come by and it is imperative that you surround yourself by people who can be trusted. If you want to set a new precedence for yourself you must start with trusting your surroundings.
The truth is, you must trust your intuition and have the confidence that your innate abilities will keep you on your right path. You can’t let life get in your way when your trustworthy instinct is trying to confide in you.
The truth is, if you leap the net will appear. If you take risks you are promised progress. If you strive to better yourself you will leave a great impression. If you believe in your decisions you will learn to triumph.
The truth is, when you trust yourself it is inevitable that when one door closes another one will open. Only you can open the door to your soul. Only you can trust that when you step through the threshold, life will give you what you ask of it. What lay behind your open door is everything you can imagine, conceive, envision, and apprehend.
Haven’t you been behind closed doors long enough?