Course of Action{0}

Photo Courtesy of Chris Fox

You can change your course of action in any given day by simply taking a moment to slow down the mind, take a deep breath and get into your place of new intention.

Ever notice that when you are running late that everything that could go wrong does? You get wrapped up in the stresses of over sleeping, losing track of time or being distracted by the task at hand. Once you jump into this place of frantic reaction it can take hold of you and wreak havoc on your entire day.

It can literally set off a domino effect of disaster if you’re not careful. While running out the door you might stub your toe or break a heel or lock your keys in the house. If you’re rushing you might get into a car accident or miss your exit or get a flat tire.

Life has a funny way of giving us what we put out. It is that simple. The worlds irony can be adjusted by your conscious intention to alter your state of reality. With a deliberate simple twist of fate you can and will call the shots of how your day will unfold.

You have power and you truly need to believe you have the power to change your circumstances by trusting that your thoughts really do become things. Your life was not meant to be a little boat on choppy waters. You were meant for smooth sailing. You were made for greatness. You need to just remember how simple it all is.

You can realign your sense of self and purpose and change your course of action. If you wake up in the morning having overslept thanks to your silent alarm, you should not jump out of bed in distressed trepidation. You should put your head back on the pillow, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Okay I overslept but this will not set the precedence for my day. Today will run smoothly and effortlessly as I have the power to change my course of action starting now”. Then you get up and start your day. Yes you should probably move a little faster than you normally do but not in an agitated state of mind. You must come from a place of peace for this realignment to work. And it can work if you believe in yourself and your power.

What actions are you taking today?