Awareness isn’t Enough?{0}

Bali Stairs Photo Courtesy of Sean Newhouse

Being the W Chaser finds me asking a lot of questions. Hopefully the conduit opens the channels of communication.

Why is it so easy to obtain a habit but so hard to break it? What is at the crux of our own truth? Where do we go to cross the threshold? Who is holding our karmic puppet strings? When does having awareness become enough information to change?

Habits are hard to break. But what if we know that the best way to get over a habit is to replace it with another habit? We seek out the positive counterpart and de-brain wash ourselves. If we spend at least 21 days reprogramming ourselves our new habit will be born and hopefully the old one will retreat into the abyss.

The truth is hard to face. But what if we get into our place of courage and know that the truth will set us free?  Then we should become advocates for the verity of our own circumstances. Hopefully the candor will bring us closer to our true selves.

The threshold is hard to find. But what if we know that our authentic selves are waiting for us on the threshold? Then it should make it worth rummaging around for right. It doesn’t matter how many steps we have to climb when hopefully each step makes us stronger in our intention.

The karmic puppet strings are loose. But what if we know that we can compel our own change with our fervent determination? We will control our own destiny. It is up to us to stimulate our own growth, summon our own answers, and consider that we are the ones hopefully influencing the outcomes of our own existence.

The Awareness is only half of it. But what if we know that we can appeal to our better nature? We will be able to use the information to actually change our own essence. It is a conscious choice to let go of the negativities instilled in us as children. It takes lots of practice and it is important to nurture ourselves during what can be an arduous process. Surrounding ourselves with compassionate people and being sympathetic to any of our own shortcomings is crucial. It is imperative to know that sometimes we react in fear. Fear of loss, fear of letting go, fear of failure. Even fear of success.

We need to create habits in ourselves that entice us to be better. It is through these new habits that we can get to the crux of our own truths and releasing the patterns of other peoples fears. When we find our truth and humility the threshold will become visible. We hold the answers within us, we create our own destiny and we possess the ability to shift our own karmic strings in any direction. At the heart of our change is our awareness and willingness to change. We can’t be afraid to put ourselves out there and we need to stop pushing people away.

Even though we may encounter stumbling stones along the way, once you are aware of them you can just use them to play hopscotch.

Where is your awareness taking you today?