Lit’l Saturday Poetry Fun on a Holiday Weekend{0}

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effervescent lifestyles

there are serendipitous waterfalls of organic poetry that feed the effervescent lifestyles of the young and the missing. shaded from the sun by thoughts of sexually promiscuous turnabouts that leave your hair wet and your breath heavy. for once upon a dream of kindred spirits shadowed by the inevitable qualities of knowing how to be spontaneous. there was little to be laid down to rest in the after-mass of what was shared between the earth and the sky. shared rainbow masquerades collide in an explosion of orgasmic rapture that can only occur as bodies are transformed into one enigma.  Not Dated.



Distorted words are like Picasso Paintings they say nothing and yet they tell you everything about the state of mind of the person who is speaking them. ferriswheels and misspelled words, broken glass, shattered dreams, looking for icecream. a bottle on it’s side, who gets kissed next? anyone for a game of chess? cheesecrackers telling time the clock will never turn to nine. looking for a world your own there is no right or wrong. only mr. clean to wipe it up. there are times to weep and smelly feet. unfelt hugs and tattered rugs. mistakes at doing laundry and all you have left is tie-dye.  Dated Dec. ’95



charming. disarming. hard glances. take chances. meet me on the rail train and put your mouth on mine. meet me in the poolside bar. drink my shirley temple and i’ll eat the ice. just kiss me. so alarming. so charming.  Not Dated



mistakes are corrections in the works. a rhetorical question and the socratic method. how would plato fend in the modern world and would corrections would his mistakes make?  Dated 1982 


my TRUTH in the MOMENT

…which changes with the moon… embracing my precarious nature that shall teach me something soon.. anything that will keep me from thinking of you and the lives that surely past, I wonder around aimlessly seeking shelter from the vast… emptiness. The unrelentless dreams, the moments when my eyes are open and nothing is as it seems. it could be midnight and i would wish it would be raining… that the ocean would bring you closer and my mind would stop entertaining… Fantasies. Of the unknown. That you couldn’t possibly exist but it has become impossible to dismiss. The possibilities… I must let go of you. For unrequited as it is it is painfully my truth.  Not Dated


sometime long ago and not so far away…

River skies and ancient waters, a moon drip shadow never falters, loves lost are memory gains, a willful heart and stormy rains, All is young in timely innocence, a playful grin of effervescence, Remember the laughter and me, feel the love and be free…     Not Dated