Let it Be{1}

Painting courtesy of Pepper Carlson

Whatever is meant to be will be. You need to stay true to your moments and try not to get wrapped up in what the future holds. You can live within the intention to shape your future but let go of the attachment to the outcome.

If you hold on to people that weren’t meant to stay with you, you are bound to feel loss when they are gone. And that’s okay too. You can miss the people that move on from your lives but you must keep living yours.

So how do you know which people are meant to stay with you and which were there to help you get over an obstacle or hurdle? Or maybe help you get out of your shell? Or maybe you were there to help them?

I have 3 friends right now having 3 very different relationship experiences. These got me thinking about my own dating life and if in the end I really think it’s worth it. Everyone is made different. Some people get wrapped up in the romance of it all only to have those moments not last. Some people push others away because it’s safer. Some people were meant to be in relationships and they nuzzle in together in a perfect fit.
Sometimes it’s also okay to be alone. Sometimes we are happier and more courageous, and flirtier, and sexier. We have more confidence so we have amazing intelligent conversations with strangers when there isn’t any attachment or pressure. 

You must approach every situation with open arms. If you don’t take the leap you will not know how great it feels. If you don’t open up you won’t know what you are capable of. If you don’t spread your wings you will never know if it was meant to be.

Sometimes you fall for the idea of someone. Sometimes you fall because you think it’s what you are supposed to do. Sometimes you just fall. Sometimes you should embrace the possibility that you are supposed to be practicing and that it is what it is.

Things are what they are until they’re just not that anymore. And it’s all perfect if your perception is in tact and you can let it be. Sometimes that’s all you can do and sometimes that’s what was meant to happen anyway. There is freedom in that.