Honoring the Sadness{0}

Picture courtesy of Martin Linss

What a difference a day makes. When the words of this post first found their way to paper my feelings found me in a much different place. The emotional disconnect was weaving it’s way through my DNA and there wasn’t much I could do to defend it. The wallowing took me by surprise and rendered me helpless to it’s inflictions but my self preservation took hold just in a knick of time.

Today is a very different day and as I let the moment seize me, the smile that reaches my eyes sends sparkles ahead of me like the shooting stars you wish upon. The past is history. The future is a mystery and this moment is a gift. That’s why this moment is called the present. 

With that said and my intention in tow, today finds me realizing that wishing things were different is a waste of time and energy. There is always a way to heed the lesson in the adventure and figure out a way to be happy in the sadness. Things don’t always happen the way we expect them to but that’s the problem with expectation, preconceived notions left to follow suit with your conjecture will leave you depleted and lost.

Sadness is vulnerable, it can seem lonely and it can leave you feeling detached, but sadness can also bring you out onto a threshold of elevation. Sadness is a state of mind and can’t a state of mind be altered? Mind over matter right?

Finding the strength will help you release that which is making you sad. For me the clarity comes from my tears. My tears give me strength and they help me move on. Like the snow that covers the earth like a blanket to keep it warm for the winter, so do my tears comfort me.

The clarity shows me that the Universe gives you what you need not always what you want. Think of the things that leave your life as gifts from the Universe because it opens you up to other things and shows you new perspectives in your growth. Welcome the change and embrace where your road will take you next. Skip forward and don’t look back.

A little reminder never hurts either…

There has to be a window
So you can see past the waters edge
A wondrous rainbow of color awaits you,
If you just believe in what’s been said

If you listen to your heart
The words can speak in volumes
But you can’t fear the past
That’s been leaving you unraveled

The unknown is where
The answers are revealed
If you can keep the faith
In the truths that are concealed

Open up the lid 
of your life unlived
And all your truest passions
Will come rushing to be fulfilled

Even though in times of trouble
it’s hard to understand
Let your life catch up to you
and gently hold your hand

Know you were made with love
in the eyes of happiness and glory
And know that you were meant to be

A happily Ever After kind of story