Embrace Your Flaws{0}

Will there be a rock in the road that will eventually send the wheels of your patterns spinning off the side of the embankment so you can skip away unscathed? Is there a rainbow we can slide over to come out on the other side? There has to be a way to let go of the idiocies that were instilled in us by parents that just didn’t know any better.

And what about the patterns that we created to use to protect ourselves? How do we let go of those if they keep leaving us getting in our own way?

I don’t know about you, but life finds me constantly making mistakes, saying the wrong thing and probably making the ultimate fool of myself. My innate nature has impulses that sometimes take even me by surprise.

In my upbringing there was a lack of love, support and encouragement. It was a very quiet existence for me. So how ironic that I would rebel against it and embrace the pattern of being a blurter. The sometimes emotional instability can be draining and it’s no wonder I can have healthy relationships at all. The lack caused me to rebel against the pattern by overcompensating and loving to give compliments. But everyone is different and some people are unable to give compliments or encourage others or share acknowledgements.

We must remember, we are all people and we have all in our own way been through a lot. Some of you have even shared with me what you have been through and touched my heart in the deepest way.

We are all in this together. You are not alone. We have our challenges to overcome but humanity has shown us that we do evolve. And if we come from a place of humility, forgiveness and accountability we will learn, grow and progress. 

Embrace your mistakes and don’t be so hard on yourself. Go out and make a fool of yourself. Take the risk. Embrace your flaws. You never know who could be watching and think you are absolutely perfect.