Birds of a Feather {0}

Trust is hard. And everyone handles how they trust others differently. Some of you may feel that trust has to be earned and acquired over time. While some of you trust people right away. Trust is really important.  Trust breeds loyalty and loyalty is an important character trait that we should all wear proudly.  You(…)

Take It All In {0}

When you find yourself thinking about something you don’t have, stop yourself.Take a moment to take in your environment.  If you are outside at night, look up. See the stars, listen for the crickets, look for the moon. If it’s day time look for the birds, listen for the laughter, stop and smell the flowers.(…)

Happy Day {0}

When you get dressed today picture yourself putting on your happy.  Wear it as a hat or a dress, slacks or a tie. (If you forgot to put on your happy today, it’s never too late. Just picture yourself adding it now) Then get out and share your HAPPY with the world. Wear it proud!(…)

What Timing {0}

Timing really is everything and there’s nothing we can do about it.  It’s said that Father time waits for no one and we should get out there and go after what we want. And it’s true, I test it all the time. If we leap into action the world will respond. If we get into our(…)

Friendly Reminders {0}

Photo from Le ballon rouge by, Albert Lamorisse (1956) You set the precedence for how people treat you. If you respect yourself then people will respect you. Don’t play games with your own feelings. No one can let you down unless you allow them to hold you up. You must figure out what your passions(…)

Ageless {0}

How young you feel really is up to you.  So be you.  Be ageless. Wear what you wantDo what makes you happyBe uniqueDon’t have regretsBe healthyKeep an attitude of gratitude Be sexyAlways look your bestKnow that you are like no otherSay what you willBe true to your feelingsSmileBe flirtatious And always always remember what Bob Dylan(…)

Are You? {0}

Being the W Chaser finds me once again trying something new.  It has me pushing my own envelope and venturing out of my comfort level.  I’ve been getting some new insight. It’s time to prioritize what my needs are and know that settling is not an option.  Hopefully you’re not settling either.  Prerequisites are important, actions speak(…)

Who Wins the Battle {0}

It can be like a constant game of tug of war sometimes; the battle that you can have with yourself. It’s different for everyone and sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t. But I guess in the end, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about finding the balance within you. How do you quiet(…)

Do You Know Who Your Are? {0}

Do you know that who you are can be told by what you say about other people?  That never having anything nice to say about people reflects on you?  That talking bad behind peoples back is a reflection of your self-worth? Life found me, once upon a time, guilty of this ugly behavior.  In my(…)

A Little Laugh Goes A Long Way {1}

Do you know how many times in a day it is said that the average adult laughs?  Fifteen. Do you know how many times in a day it is said that the average child laughs? Three hundred! Have you ever been in the presence of a laughing child? It is impossible to keep from laughing.(…)