Birds of a Feather{0}

Trust is hard. And everyone handles how they trust others differently. Some of you may feel that trust has to be earned and acquired over time. While some of you trust people right away. Trust is really important. 

Trust breeds loyalty and loyalty is an important character trait that we should all wear proudly.  You never want to give anyone any reason not to trust you. Once someone loses faith in you, you can never get it back.

But the unfortunate truth is, not everyone can be trusted. Some people are out for themselves. Some people have been backed into a corner for whatever reason and they are reacting.  Some people are only thinking of themselves and their own agenda. Some people are jealous of you and they want what you have. Some people just don’t care. 
Never feed into the negativity and trust your intuition. If you feel like someone is trying to betray you chances are they really are. Our intuition is our built in fire alarm and we must heed the warning signs. People for the most part are obvious. Let them do their thing but be cautious and watch closely. 
If you keep your integrity and your loyalty deeply rooted in your DNA then you will be untouchable. You keep doing what you do and giving it a 110% and no one will be able to meddle with you. Trust in the process. Usually when people try to disrespect you it almost always backfires. People are a lot more transparent than they know they are.
If you are a trustworthy and honorable person then you will find yourself surrounded by trustworthy and honorable people and there is never any room for a traitor amongst greatness.  
Remember birds of a feather flock together. So choose wisely. 
Which bird are you?