Confidence In a Bottle{0}

Happiness has found me. I have found my way. My Self has taken hold again with courage and vulnerability. The day brings the sunshine and I am set free. The wonderful flight of Johnathan Livingston Seagall and all is quite alright. The beauty that fills me has my willingness restored. Hope in the orchestra and the violin plays a quiet chord. The harp shall be my heart and the drums my future. No more of your confidence in a bottle. Severing the ties from the past. It’s time to see what I want to see. Smiling eyes and meet me on a rail train. Drink my Shirley temple and I will eat the ice. Kiss me. Speak to me and I shall be lost in you forever. Pleasurable enlightenments and I am just a girl embracing life. Looking toward the journey and it’s the yellow brick road. An optimistic traveling no need to say a word. Hazel eyes stand by holding on to the truth.  Many years of mishap and a misguided youth. Time to embrace the splendor brought on by happiness and insight. Time to drink up.

Photo Courtesy of Bamboo Waterfall by ~ExquisiteDistraction on deviantART