Catch It{0}

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful life is. Life constantly throws us Universal curve balls and it’s up to us to either hit it out of the park only to have the ball come back to us another way or to simply catch it, study it and learn from it.

I’ve been really tested lately (obviously since I am still talking about it). For a moment there I just kept swinging. I got caught up in someone else’s game and I didn’t realize how many innings I had played. Argh!

I hold steadfast to my position that if we follow the Universal rules, justice will always prevail.

Once I caught the ball and walked off the field I was able to see things for what they really are. I was able to seek the proper assistance to help me see the light and in the end I find myself extremely happy with my growth and the outcome. I am protected from harm and have the right people on my team.

It’s funny how, no matter how big the lesson I am always left elated by the epiphanies. Does this happen to you?

Everything really does happen for a reason, we just have to find a way to keep the faith. We can’t let fear hold us back (and it will). We have to cut all chords, ties and binds and deflect the energy away from us.

We have to speak with conviction and insist for ourselves that we only invite the very best in people, place and things into our lives. 

The cool thing is, every lesson we get through makes us better people, thank God.

Next time a ball is thrown at you, don’t engage! Just catch the ball and go sit in the dugout so you can figure out why you were the recipient. Learn from it and you will come out a winner.