Quiet Please{0}

It seems as of late, there hasn’t been much to say. There have even been moments when the thought of never writing again didn’t scare me. Maybe it’s all been said, maybe the exhaustion got the best of me, maybe the quiet was just too perfect.

When something moves you, follow your instinct and see where it leads.  When you’re tired get some rest.  When you are feeling lethargic force yourself to exercise.  When you’re life isn’t working the way you would like it to, change it.

The unhappiness and negativity surrounding my living space finally hit home. It was breeding like a cancer and the only evident cure became to adhere to the proverbial vortex and wait it out. It wasn’t easy to relinquish the control that was fooling me all along but the key would be to stop engaging. To just be quiet.

In the vulnerability was the hope of something new. In the quiet were the answers. In the peace, it was okay to wait. There was prayer, and meditation and rethinking objectives. There was determination and humility and embracing new beginnings. There was some fear but it was overcome by the power of prayer and meditation. When you believe in the powers that be a funny thing happens, the world will give you what you ask of it.

What is your quiet telling you?