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Don’t be afraid of the dark. You can reveal your true purpose in the mystery. When you are forced to sit still you are unequivocally getting to know yourself. While the unknown may be scary, these kinds of tests can catapult you into your  true calling. Can you tap into the fear and see if you have the courage to see it through?

Remember, wherever you go, there you are. So don’t try to hide behind your spouse, or best friend, or your job. Don’t run off to the gym, or go jogging or drinking. Don’t camouflage it behind whatever hobby, service or action you have come up with in your life to protect yourself. It’s not protecting you.

Whatever it is, it’s a crutch. You are enabling yourself to stay the same. You are stifling your possibilities with the hustle and bustle. You are not encouraging yourself to grow and you can’t overcome the darkness if you run from it.

Quiet yourself. If you don’t face the dark it will always catch up to you anyway. So why not stop, be still and see where it takes you? Don’t put on your boxing gloves, put out your arms to hug yourself. Don’t blast the music, make it as quiet as you can.

If you trust it, the darkness will show you your true passions, intentions, and desires. Important discoveries can be found when we follow our inner path. We can plant new affirmations for ourselves that help us be better people. We will  invoke peace in our hearts so that we may know humility. We are beings made from love and the most important love of all is the love we show ourselves.

Isn’t it time you set yourself free from the darkness?