A Miracle{0}

For those of you who know me, you know, this past year has been riddled with challenges and the negativity had many moments of victory. But as promised when this journey began, I wouldn’t give up hope that together we would persevere.

About a year ago, while on a shoot in Los Angeles, my colleague (and dear friend) Millie told me about a book about Angels written by Doreen Virtue. It sounded beautiful and intriguing but at the time, I just wasn’t ready.

About four months ago when things were getting completely out of hand, I gave myself over completely, asking for help or a sign or anything that would encourage me. Then I waited. I deliberately silenced myself. I didn’t force it. I believed, implicitly, that help was near.

Then one day while snooping around on-line for an uplifting book I could read, there was the page with the Doreen Virtue book Millie had told me about. In utter excitement (but not knowing why) I downloaded the audio books, the meditations, and the kindle books. I submersed myself in the theories, the possibilities and the love.

My life, in the past few months has undergone a complete transformation. The signs are everywhere, the messages are clear, and my sense of self seems completely restored.

The other day my friend Megan and I went on our favorite hike that has a labyrinth style maze at the top. Whenever we go, we take turns getting into our place of intention and we walk the maze. Our last visit was my first visit since embarking on this journey with my angel guides so it seemed only fitting that I bring them with me. I thanked them profusely and I asked them for indication that I am on my right path. I thanked God for the angels and for my very creation in his eyes of perfection.

Last night, reading The 12 Keys by David M. Friedlaender, I was reminded of the magic of manifestation. The encouraging stories of Bill Gates, Jim Carey, Steve Jobs, and Oprah, are reminders of people just like us, that persevered. I fell off to sleep with a smile on my face and one of my angel meditations in my ears.  With a silent love filled prayer, I drifted off.

Today I woke up excited and couldn’t wait to write my entry share my news about this new address for Life With One Eye Open, little did I know, I would also be sharing a miracle!

I keep a little money plant on my desk and last night before I went to bed I put it in the sink to give it a little water. This morning I grabbed my coffee from the kitchen and on my way to my desk remembered to grab my little plant from the sink in the guest bathroom.  At first I couldn’t believe my eyes but then I remembered I had asked the Angels for a sign.  Today my little plant held a message…

Amazing right!!?? I’m more elated and uplifted then I ever could imagine and this proof that I am on my right path couldn’t be more perfect.  It’s time to keep moving forward.

You coming?