What If?{0}

                                                                         Photo courtesy of Marc Marosi
If I were a thought I would share, a memory I would remember.
If I were a laugh I would travel through the air.
If I were a question I would ponder, an article I would inform.
If I were a hypothesis I would explain.
If I were a bird I would fly like Johnathan Livingston Seagal, a penguin I would have happy feet.
If I were Dr. Seuss I would rhyme.
If I were a mountain I would stand tall, a cloud I would dissipate.
A frog, I would ride a lily pad across the pond.
If I were a window I would show you the world, a plane I would take you far away.
If I were a dream I would come true.

If I knew it all I wouldn’t wonder, if I wasn’t curious I wouldn’t question.

If I am more than the idea of just the girl that I was, then who would that make me now?

What would you do?