Listen Carefully{0}

                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Marc Marosi                                       

In life we are in a constant state of learning. At times our actions are spontaneous but pragmatic. While other times our actions are guarded but careless. We have stumbled and we have fallen and yet we continuously pick ourselves up again. We survive by whatever means possible because the alternative just isn’t an option.

But just surviving isn’t enough. Just getting by isn’t enough if you are still hiding, concealing or running from the truth. Only you know what those truths are. Only you know what moves, hurts, and inspires you. And only you can be honest enough with yourself to admit when what you’re doing isn’t working anymore. You must listen to your life. It really is trying to help you rise above whatever it is that is holding you back. 

The signs are everywhere but we must get out of our heads long enough to heed their warnings, prompts and motivations.  Nothing is too scary that you can’t face it head on and win. Stop making excuses. Be the King of your jungle. Know we are beings blessed with innate courage, intellect and reasoning.

Take a second and think of all the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done that for some reason you can’t let go of. It might even be something that was done to you that drives you to make the choices that send you into the abyss of martyrdom. Have you taken a hard look at your downfalls and tried to figure out what was going on behind the scenes?  Choose to let it all go. Stop giving the story of your past your power.

Regardless of your actions, when you have no regrets you come to a place of forgiveness and when you have forgiveness the freedom gives you courage and the courage gives you strength and in the strength is bred intelligence. When you are in contact with your true nature your intuition will guide you back to your true purpose and your free will. You will not be the victim of your past, or your patterns or someone else’s story ever again. You are accountable for whatever part you played in it and there’s no refutable rebuttal for admission.

Be majestic and stand tall and be unwavering in your intentions.  Be proud of your shortcomings because you learned from them and they made you who you are today. Be humble because you don’t ever want to take anything for granted. Be a leader so you can help someone else overcome their fears and listen to the possibilities of what their lives have to offer too.

Do you hear it?