Trigger Inspirations{0}

The scent of a certain perfume invokes a long lost memory, the sight of a red balloon reminds you of your childhood, a song takes you back to a time almost forgotten.

Memories are a funny thing and it would seem, sometimes, they have a mind of their own. They can come out of nowhere and take us by surprise and they can change our temperament with just a fleeting glimpse.  While they can uplift us, they can also emotionally cripple us.  They can keep us stuck and they can ruin a good thing with a drop of a hat.

Like with everything in our lives, we have the power to pick and choose how our memories affect us. While it is inevitable that sometimes the reminders aren’t pleasant, it is most certainly possible to have a handy dandy trigger standing by eager to be of service.

Our positive inspiration trigger can be anything we want it to be.  It can be a word, a scent, an object or a color. I suggest a trigger that we can spot often in everyday life, thus we be constantly reminded of our intention. Repetition will be our key to success. This is an exercise in change and change takes commitment. Whenever a thought, a situation or a story threatens to change our sunny disposition, we should call upon our trigger to instantly uplift our spirits and regain control of the situation.

The more we call upon our inspiration the more spontaneous the action will become. We are de-brainwashing ourselves of the thoughts that are keeping us stifled. We are taking control of our lives and the possibility that we can accomplish anything we set our minds too. WE are rewriting our story, reprogramming our reactions, and taking positive action to become the master of our emotions.

When we are in a place of positivity our exchanges will be more intelligent, our aspirations more creative, and our smile a constant companion. If we practice using our triggers as much as we can we are promised to see what a difference a day makes.

I choose the color blue.  Any and all shades of blue so that my happy inspiration trigger will be visible everywhere I look.

What are you going to choose?