Alignment {0}

It’s hard to grasp an idea that doesn’t align with what we were taught. For the most part we adopt a way of life that is synonymous with what our parents did.  We were impressionable and we believed them for their ever seeming know how and educating tone. But as we mature so do our(…)

New and Improved

New and Improved {1}

In a society obsessed with bigger and better, enriched and enhanced, and the ever changing latest and greatest, it is inevitable that we change a little everyday. We are on a path to better ourselves and in doing so we experiment with new approaches, we keep up on the latest trends and we find events(…)

quiet night

quiet night {0}

Too tired to speak and too achy to think. Tossing and turning and feverish but breaking through the darkness to keep with my commitment to keep on writing. Even in the frustration of not feeling 100% we should always try to do our best, give our all and overcome the obstacles. This too shall pass.(…)


Decisions {0}

With only 2 days to go on our 30 day challenge, the sense of accomplishment should be enough to keep us moving forward.  How are you feeling? Are you still in it? Are you excited? A celebration will be in order in honor of the commitment and the follow through. There have been so many(…)


Sleepy {0}

Words escape me, but my thoughts run wild. Something interesting could be on the horizon. But for now, sleep must take me. May pleasant dreams come and find me. And  all of  you…  Sweet dreams.           photo courtesy of

A Few Words

A Few Words {0}

Quiet peaceful wonder, a whisper, a silent lullaby. A prayer for peace, some quiet laughter. Years of memories, the present wrapped in a bow, tomorrow sprinkled in wonder. Humility, hope, tranquility, blessings, probability, joy, possibility, compassion, happy.

Being of Service

Being of Service {0}

  It’s my birthday today and I’m still at work. A lesson in appreciating a different kind of gift. The gratuitous nature of a career that I love, the fortunate privilege of working with people that I respect and admire and the hope of creating things that could change the world. This year, not just(…)

Short but Sweet

Short but Sweet {0}

When at your most vulnerable, you will find the most strength. When you’re intimidated step up to the plate and hit a home run. If you get lost, stop and take a seat. Know that standing alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. If you forget where you’re going remember where you’ve been. It is always okay(…)

Know Yourself

Know Yourself {0}

                                                “Be realistic, plan for a miracle“                                                    (…)


Thankful {0}

There is beauty all around if you choose to see it. Cleansing rains clear the way for a fresh new sky. Today was another glorious, adventurous, brilliant, spectacular, amazing, beautiful, cleansing, busy, wonderful, productive, humbling, encouraging day  that brings with it so much to be grateful for. Thank you.           photo(…)