Proof Is In the Pudding{0}

Evidence. Confirmation. Indicators. Proof.  It starts when we’re born. The need for approval and praise is within each of us. It is human nature to seek commendations and as we grow older we strive for more compliments and recognition.

Having been born to a mother who wasn’t capable of these kinds of tributes I realize now, that I missed out in some way. Ironically, my love language happens to be words of affirmation. And if it is our language that fills us up then I must have always been empty.

But we can find the beauty in everything that happens to us and yes the old cliche, everything happens for a reason, most certainly pertains to me.  If it wasn’t for me feeling like something was missing then I wouldn’t be embarking on my W Chaser journey. I wouldn’t be posing all these questions and I would have never found all the wonderful books that became my mentors.

The most recent proof is in the pudding moment that I am on my right path is miraculous. I have been given confirmation to follow my heart and I have never been so filled with love in my life. The funny thing is I didn’t even realize it was happening. The self-fulfilling abundance of love that permeates my being has been found in the quest to be of service.

We are in this together. Everything written on these pages comes from my heart and if I challenge you to a task, I too, undertake the exercises. Most recently a couple of things have struck me with awe…

On January 1st my entry entitled, To Do List, was all about embarking on the new year and setting our intentions and goals in motion. The entry finished with the lyrics to the song Pure Imagination which Willy Wonka sang in the movie when he introduces his chocolate factory. The lyrics in this song represents our innate possibilities to change if we just change our perspective.

I followed up that entry sharing a really cool activity that my life coach shared with me; to make a mind movie to help facilitate our goals and dreams faster.  Well I made my mind movie (more of a powerpoint presentation) the other night. I watched it before I went to bed, then again when I woke up and then again after lunch.  One of the pages in my mind movie represented my desire to help kids.  Last year I applied to be a volunteer with schools on wheels (they teach kids how to read)  and was approved pending my FBI background check. But of course, I got so busy and distracted that I never went to get by background check taken care of.  (On the top of my bucket list for this year was to go to the FBI so I could start volunteering).

Shortly after lunch yesterday I received a phone call from a producer checking my avail for a PSA shooting this month. Since the rates are always lower for PSA’s, I asked him to send me the treatment and I would call him before the day was over if I could make it work. To my astonishment, when I opened the treatment,  not only was the PSA about teaching kids to read but the Director put a huge quote in the middle of the first page and it was a quote from Willy Wonka.  I was so filled with love while reading this 24 page treatment that I couldn’t contain myself.

We have to open ourselves up to the magic that awaits us. We have to be true to our innate natures and let the love in our hearts be our driving force. Everything we could ever imagine really does reside within us.  When you are on your right path do everything in your power to stay the course.  Believe with every ounce of your being that your thoughts come to life and your life will give you what you ask of it.

Are you receiving your messages?