By Accident On Purpose{0}


It’s never too late. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you come from. You are not what you do for a living, you’re not what you ate for breakfast and you’re certainly not who you’re going to be tomorrow.

Let yesterdays story be in the past. Before you fall asleep say thank you to the day for the lessons and the memories and then right before you say goodbye, say I love you and dose off to sleep because the morning comes soon enough and with it your future.

Your life starts now, new, fresh, over, every morning you wake up and get out of bed. Feel the love.

Having made my first statistics list before my first birthday, I believed my fate was sealed. Having come into this world because it was to late for other arrangements it was inevitable that I struggled to find my place in the world. Once lonely, many times angry and a lot of times lost. Angry at the genius mother who couldn’t love me, lonely for the military father who was never there and lost to myself because I didn’t know any better.

Where were the answers? Frustration and rebellion would set in like a bad rerun and I couldn’t turn it off. I feared everyone and trusted no one. I was the quintessential representative of a misplaced youth and was face down in the proverbial gutter. Not knowing if I could ever get up, I just lay there in a puddle of my own tears. Drenched and depleted the prayer for guidance, help and love came rushing out of my heart.

Somewhere in my past came the ultimate strength, wisdom and sincerity. Somehow we prosper!  We are able to push ourselves to new limits and it’s then that we start to realize our true potential. We must hold ourselves accountable and then we will become conscious. Conscious to a life worth living and the possibility that we are all so very special.

The biggest lesson on my journey is that we do have power. We have worth and our words can make a difference.  I hope that by some miracle my experiences and my sometimes questionable approach may shed some light, spark a fire or give some insight for all of us.

I know the world does not revolve around me. This is a vast recognition that we are all in this together.  In some way shape or form we all have our shit. And the best way to get through life is to find people who’s shit is compatible with ours.

I hope my writings help change our world a little bit, helps someone know that they weren’t the only one who had bad things happen. Know undeniably that if we can conceive that we can negate the disparaging voices from our past, than it will be so.

This is about sharing in the process and not being afraid of the rejections, negativities, inspirations, positive influences, and the process of dealing with daily life. This is where we can be reminded of the value and the power that a kind word or a smile or some love can hold for someone who is living life with their head down.

Love by accident and love on purpose. Love your version of love and spread it far and wide. We all have love in our hearts, so let’s share it. Let’s focus on the love.   

Let’s concentrate on the things we love about ourselves and silently say, “I love you” to everyone we meet.

Do you have some love to share?

photo courtesy of Marc Marosi