Feng Shui and The Moon{0}

And think not you can,
 Direct the course of love,
 For love,
 If it finds you worthy,
 Directs your course.

~ Khalil Gibran

We spend our lives looking for love, being in love and loving the idea of love. Songs tell us all we need is love and our hearts fill when we’re in love.  Love moves mountains, and love brings smiles to our faces and sparkles to our eyes. Love is within us and love is all around us.  Love is also available from above us.

We know there is love from the Heavens.  That’s a given.  But what about the idea of refreshing our love state from an unconventional source? What if we could have a love affair with the moon?

Chinese Taoist and Feng Shui Masters teach that the `yang` energy is from the Sun and the `yin` energy is from the Moon.  The yin energy holds the feminine attributes and aligning ourselves with the celestial energy of the yin can help us find balance and new perspective.

The possibility of garnering energy from the moon was first presented to me by a dear friend and one of the VP’s of a very large music company.  Once the seed was planted I set out to not only find out more, but to experience this for myself.  There have been many failed attempts.  I didn’t know what to look for, how to feel or what I was supposed to see (if anything).

There are different moon phases each month called lunar phases. Since we are all energy and everything around is energy it seems only fitting that we work with the moon to help us manifest new goals and dreams.

The first phase is the new moon and is when we should plant our new seeds (new beginnings, new business venture, new relationship etc).  The second phase is called (my favorite) the crescent moon.  This is when we would develop our objectives and make our plan of action. The crescent moon is followed by the quarter moon and this is when we take action. If you leap the net will appear. Trust will take you far during this phase.

The Gibbous moon is said to be one of the most powerful phases of the moons cycle and insists that we wait. If we sit still long enough to receive this, it will energize us going into the next phase of the disseminating moon. This phase is when we manifest (reap what you sow). This is a time to get out and share with the world.

The Last Quarter initiates reflection and improvement. Look at the things that aren’t working for you and pull out the weeds.  Welcome any new ideas that could replace the old ones. Now is a good time to complete any unfinished project laying around.

The completion of the lunar phase ends with the Balsamic Moon. A time to center your thoughts and intentions on the future. Looking forward will move your feet and your thoughts in the same direction. Let go of any fears and trust in the inherent possibilities your future holds.

Last night while walking Sir Henry, I happened to be perfectly angled to the beautiful full moon. Focussing on the energy around her, I let my eyes go unfocussed and cleared my mind. I gave myself over to the energy and for the first time, I witnessed it. What can only be described as an aura of a glittering white light at first dancing around the moon and then it looked like a cone of white energy was reaching directly for me to cover me and bathe me in a heavenly effervescence.

I read once that we should think of ourselves as one with everything around us…  “I am not an organism in the environment, I am an enviro-organism”.  Being one with the world helps us keep an attitude of gratitude, a desire to be of service, and an appreciation for everyone and everything around us. And I really think it was Gods intention that we embrace everything He gave us.

So let’s give what we get and let’s give so the getting gets really good.

I love you… Pay it forward…




photo courtesy of http://www.byvideo.org/night-love-angle-by.html