Strength and Will{0}

Almost half way through the month and it’s getting harder to stick to the plan.  My work days seem to be getting longer and I of course am getting more tired.

On more than one occasion I have found myself encouraging those on a get-in-shape 30 day challenge to do at least a little something everyday, even if it’s 5 jumping jacks. So I must heed my own advise. Through my yawning is an underlying determination to see this through. And I have realized that the same philosophy of doing a little something everyday actually applies to the rest of us in whatever venture has been undertaken.

You might be experiencing similar feelings so I hope you’ll join me in doing what we can, when we can. There’s integrity in that and you’ll feel better for it, I promise.  Let’s keep going and keep reminding each other that we can do this. It’s only 30 days. And who knows where it might take it us!

Life is always changing and tests our strengths and will,

A lovely dance by moonlight, the grass perfect and still.

Keep the faith in the sunrise and welcome the day,

Walk with your head held high and the gifts will come your way.

The Universe will give to you all that you ask,

So be strong in your intention and unwavering with your tasks.

Hope is undeniable just let love lead your heart,

Always choose to be honorable, a perfect place to start.

Never hold ill thoughts or give power to your fears,

Live your life with integrity and your wishes shall appear.

Live, Love & Laugh everywhere you go and

Peace, Love & Light on you shall be bestowed.

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