Honor the Past{0}

The past will always catch up with us in some way shape or form. You think you can run from it but wherever you go there you are. You think you can bury it but then something triggers a memory and your reminiscence is in someone else’s voice. The best thing you can do is honor it, forgive it, and move on.

Forgetting doesn’t move us forward and regretting keeps us trapped in our own history. I had a moment where I was losing sight of where I have been. There is so much to be proud of, plenty to be grateful for, and a great deal to look forward to.

Sometimes the best way to remind ourselves is to go back in time. Dr. Wayne Dwyer was on the tv this morning while I was getting ready for the day and something he said stood out for me. He said, “Let Go and Let God”. Time to let go and know that the past is where it belongs and it has no place here now.

I found this piece I wrote many years ago and was reminded of the importance of looking to a new future while remembering to honor the past.

I Have No Idea

Why I let the night come and take me… Wrapped up in misconceptions and no time to think… Trying to be someone I am not for someone I don’t know and the regret hurts my heart like the loss of a childhood toy.

 As the morning came sleep should have taken me but instead I let myself be taken away._ Now my tears a constant flow for not being myself. I am not that girl that looked into the eyes of a stranger that had no idea of who I was. I have no idea who I was… I know who I wanted to be but was not thinking clearly… My breath left me as I read the words… 1 didn’t want to leave you… but it had nothing to do with me… It was someone else’s agenda and I could have been anyone…

I believed what I wanted to believe and my music stopped and my eyes went hazy and the passion was bound to leave me stranded to face the darkness alone.

No pretention here just a lost soul who was misplaced into the wrong moment at the wrong time_ There shall be no sobriety of the eyes today as I cleanse my spirit and hope for better days. Through the glistening I will find the spark in my eyes that shall keep me pure and willing to love and not be frightened and afraid.

No more searching the unknown through the dark when the sun shows my true nature. I’m just a girl with pure intentions too naive to venture out… I shall no longer be intrigued by the idea of someone who doesn’t exist and I shall cry quietly.

We all have a past and the best part is, we all have a future. And our future is contingent on what we do today.

Find something from your past that reminds you of how strong you are, and brilliant, and courageous.  Honor it. Love it. Forgive it. And set it free. Do this for each thing on your list.

You ready to let go?




photo courtesy of http://pdwallpaper.blogspot.com/2011/05/nature.html