Profound Simplicity{0}


You get lost and just when you start to get really frustrated you look up and see a store you were trying to find last week.  You miss the train and just as you’re starting to give in to the aggravation you sit down next to your future husband.  You trip and fall and just as you start blurting out profanities you look up and see that it saved you from getting hit by a bus.

Isn’t it amazing when life takes you by surprise? Life protects us, wants to show us what we’re capable of and every once in a while will remind us to laugh at ourselves.

Being the W Chaser has lead me on a journey I don’t ever want to end.  It finds me appealing to my better nature, is introducing me to new people, and has encouraged me to think outside the box.  Questioning, wondering and philosophizing finds me finding meaning in the smallest gestures and I am in love with the epiphanies.

The other day my friend Nicole, a woman I highly respect and admire, and I were on our way to a meeting in an office building in a busy downtown area. At first we walked right past the door with it’s faceless stainless steel expression, it was was nondescript and uninviting.  But at second glance it wore the proper address at the top of it like a hat.

As we approached the door, I kept saying, “This isn’t it. It can’t be. This door is so locked!” And she kept saying, “It is. I know it is”. Reaching the door first, I wrapped my hand around the elongated handle, all the while still saying, “No, this can’t be it.” And as I pulled on the door it didn’t budge. I couldn’t open it. But Nicole insisted that it was the right door and as I stepped aside she effortlessly opened the door!

Laughing our way to the third floor, I had an epiphany. We couldn’t believe how simple, yet how powerful the message was.  I saw Nicole again at a dinner party on Friday night and we were still talking about it.  It was that significant a message.

The metaphor that door represented for me that day was really profound and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Embarking on this 30 day challenge has allotted me moments of insecurity and as we all know the disparaging voices can start to play like a broken record if we let them.  Could we really do this? (insert your personal challenge here)  Do we have what it takes to see this through?

If you tell yourself no, then no it will be and it will deplete you and no doors will open and there will be no windows of opportunities.

But if you tell yourself yes, then yes it will be and the doors will fly open like the pearly gates of heaven and you will have more than you ever dreamed possible.

You ready to scream yes from the rooftops?




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