Silly Anecdote{0}

Past the point of making sense and sleep must come soon to take me. As we get closer the days get longer and the exhaustion a current companion. Sharing a silly anecdote  and it makes the time fly. Day 17 of 17 and in case you didn’t know, it will always be a merry go around. It’s all in the timing. A moonlit walk and laughter in the morning. Banana pancakes and a music filled room. The doves dance in the air and flowers bloom. Lady bugs in the garden and never one to assume. A silhouette in the garden but just keep walking. Time finds you vulnerable and singing instead of talking. Find the laughter and make time to play. Conjure up some memories and you’ll have more to say. Living in the light, chin up. Find your smile. The world is waiting.









photo courtesy of flower