Life or Something Like It{0}

Life is about change and it’s those that resist that change that shall fall upon their greatest obstacle, themselves.

I wrote that years ago. I was in a much different place then, and yet it still holds true. We set our course, we cast our sails, we direct our lives. We go with the flow and we learn to adjust. We reinvent ourselves and we become better people for it.

I’ve been honored with an invitation to speak at Pepperdine Universiaty about my blog.  For me, this is a testament that I am on my right path, encouragement that my messages are reaching people and we as a whole are striving for a higher consciousness.

We’re never alone, there’s always a solution and anything is possible. Cross the bridge. Something magical awaits you.

Pick something you can do, say or recommend to someone that will help them heal, believe and strive for greatness.  Do so with no expectations and no exceptions. Give with honor, purity and conviction.

Let’s all be a better “me” so we can become the ultimate “we”.




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