Being of Service{0}


It’s my birthday today and I’m still at work. A lesson in appreciating a different kind of gift. The gratuitous nature of a career that I love, the fortunate privilege of working with people that I respect and admire and the hope of creating things that could change the world.

This year, not just for my birthday, but for my new path in life, I have asked how I can be of service. A dream of mine has always been to help kids so I am half way through the orientation to be a volunteer for schools on wheels. Now I am prepping a PSA for Reading Is Fundamental and the possibility that what we are doing could help increase awareness and put books into the hands of poverty stricken children is monumental.

Being of service is a present that I am grateful to be able to give.  What we ask for really does become our reality. Choose wisely, give freely, open up and most importantly, pay it forward.




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