Commitment {0}

A little reminder for all of us that undeniable faith and constant repetition will replace any old thoughts, conquer any bad habit and make us the beautiful, glowing, loving beings we are meant to be… You ready to commit?  

Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This {0}

Immediate gratification is possible if you focus on the gratifying aspects of your endeavors. Expectation can lead you to accomplishing the unexpected. The power of the subconscious mind can change the course of your life. It only takes a single thought followed by undeniable intention and backed by unequivocal determination. Why the hesitation? What are(…)

If It’s Not Broken

If It’s Not Broken {0}

Just as much as we are all susceptible to pain, sorrow and heartache, we are also capable of rising above, changing our story and overcoming any obstacle. Awareness is half the battle and when we come face to face with the fork in the road, the path we choose shall set our course for life.(…)