If It’s Not Broken{0}

Just as much as we are all susceptible to pain, sorrow and heartache, we are also capable of rising above, changing our story and overcoming any obstacle. Awareness is half the battle and when we come face to face with the fork in the road, the path we choose shall set our course for life.  

We all grow up different. We all have our regrets, our demons, and our apologies to make.  We were born into someone else’s story and we were too young to make our decisions and deductions based on the facts. We saw what people wanted us to see. It kept us from knowing our selves.

People are so different. We can be siblings brought up in the same house but as different as strangers from another country. We can feel like an outsider and we can feel the most alone in a group.

It doesn’t matter how great you are or famous or rich, life can still take you in the wrong direction to face a disastrous demise. No one is immune to adversity. It’s just all relative. Some people spend their whole lives hiding, running and asking why. I spent most of mine the same way.  But the more I learn about myself and the more I open up to what other people might have gone through, the “why” doesn’t matter so much anymore. We were dealt our cards and we were given carte blanche to play our hands whatever way we wanted.

So now what?

Once upon a time and happily ever after. It’s time to know that it is never too late, we always have a choice, and we don’t have to give in to the tragic ending. We were meant for greatness and we can achieve this status by staying virtuous and honest and choosing integrity at all times.  We must embrace our free will and know that it is our innate nature to be pure.

We must live and let live and even if we don’t understand or approve of someones behavior we can’t try to change them. Chances are we will push them further away or further into whatever it is they are doing. We can give advise or suggestions and we can give them love.

We must lead by example. We must look for the signs and we must heed the advise our own lives are trying to teach us. We can’t be a broken record. The more we tell our past narrative the more we are staying stuck in that vibrational level. Let it go. Let go of everything that lay behind you so that you can encounter all that is trying to reach you now. There is no power in reliving the things that hurt. There is strength in honoring what was and being exactly where you are, right now.

This message was brought to me by one of my favorite necklaces. A beautiful long necklace made of rose quartz crystal stones. Even the story behind the necklace was miraculous. It was very expensive and it was bought for me by a stranger in a gift store the night after my birthday over five years ago. The necklace picked me and I would learn later that rose quartz symbolizes love, balance and letting go. I had a lot to let go of. Symbolic in more ways than one, I wore that necklace as often as possible.  It became my reminder of the kindness and generosity of people. It reminded me of the magic in the world and the ability to accept life’s messages when we need them most.

Yesterday was one of those times. While at brunch with eight friends, I was positioned perfectly in the middle so I could be a part of conversations on both sides of me. First, the people on my right talked about letting go and shortly thereafter I was talking with the people to my left and found myself sharing a past story. Not a positive one. Within seconds I felt something in my hand. In that moment I realized I was holding on to it and it felt soothing. It took me out of my story long enough to question myself and it.  What the heck was I holding all of a sudden?

I looked down into my lap and opened my hand. I was holding a rose quartz crystal stone. My necklace had dropped the center stone into my hand bringing me out of my story and into the present where I belong.

Never did I feel my necklace was broken. I was too in awe of the timing of the message and how I felt in those moments. It gave me a gift. It made me present.

There’s no more room for “why” if we’re busy living.  If we keep active in our what the Universe takes care of the how. We just need to hear the messages. If we stay present, they are usually loud and clear.

Can you feel it? Are you listening?



RIP in Whitney

photo courtesy of http://geology.com/rock-tumbler/gemstones/rose-quartz.shtml