Pivot Right

Pivot Right {0}

What is your replacement value? What do you bring the table? Do you know what you leave behind? On the road less traveled there are many more people. There is so much to do. Lots to see. Places to go. In the hustle and bustle we lose ourselves. In the pursuit to escape from wherever(…)

A Wilde One

A Wilde One {0}

Sometimes good old fashion pen to paper is enough to clear your head, jog your memory or embrace some silliness. The surroundings are overcast with hints of winter and the ocean ripples toward far away lands.  The trees whisper in the wind and you can’t help but wonder what they’re saying. Some harmless brain spew(…)

Game Changing

Game Changing {0}

If there isn’t anything to say does it mean we aren’t living? Sometimes not feeling moved means we’re moving. Is contentment a place we arrive? When we are comfortable we are real and when we are real we can be spontanious. Pleasurable antidotes don’t need labels or titles. We don’t need to see fireworks or(…)

The Payoff

The Payoff {0}

Everyone loves a payday.  Validation for a job well done.  Recognition for accomplishments.  Endorsements for good behavior. The payoffs come in many forms.  They are compliments from loved ones, awards for good measure, and accolades for being honorable. There are payments for services rendered, bonuses, incentives, motivations, and stimulants. There is nurturing, caring, promoting, developing and(…)