Game Changing{0}

If there isn’t anything to say does it mean we aren’t living? Sometimes not feeling moved means we’re moving. Is contentment a place we arrive? When we are comfortable we are real and when we are real we can be spontanious.

Pleasurable antidotes don’t need labels or titles. We don’t need to see fireworks or shooting stars to assure us we are living. We need to awaken what lay dormant within us. We need to trust that our lives will show us the way to our true path.

When we are being true to our innate desires, that will always be enough and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit into someone else’s portrait. Let them drink their bourbon while you bask in life’s bubbly.

We must not ever compare ourselves to what others have. Let them do their thing and you do yours. We aren’t all meant to fit perfectly into one puzzle. There just aren’t enough corners.

The journey is our own.  Our own sense of accomplishment will be different for everyone. What makes one person happy may not seem at all appealing to the person sitting next to them. The beauty of life is relativity. There will always be differences of opinion. Conjecture based on half the facts and less story. When people share their version of your story it’s not who you really are.  And who cares what people think anyway?  Their opinion of you is based on their own testimony and it’s not up to you to judge anymore than they do.  Don’t you ever engage in such narrow minded banter. You know better.

Let your internal sun shine and don’t take any grief. It holds no value in the world of energy exchanging playing cards. And aren’t you here to play? I suggest you play nicely like you were taught when you were young. You shouldn’t need to be covered in armor. If you are, you are playing with the wrong people. Change games.






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