Pivot Right{0}

What is your replacement value? What do you bring the table? Do you know what you leave behind?

On the road less traveled there are many more people. There is so much to do. Lots to see. Places to go. In the hustle and bustle we lose ourselves. In the pursuit to escape from wherever we come from we don’t realize we are at risk of becoming that which we run from.

As elusive as it may seem, the past is with us. It is in the form of a look, a reaction or a call to action.  It is in the way we dress, our manners, our judgements and our satisfactions.

I’ve been on a self fulfilling prophecy to change my story.  And if you have been on a similar journey, then you might relate to this. It started out wanting to let go of the past.  Then it became a necessary roughness to learn from it. It was inevitable that eventually I would have to face it. In the eyes of the truth the light comes on and the music plays and you can take a deep breath again.

I read somewhere that it is in the silence that we truly get to know ourselves. Silence is hard. Your inner dialogue tries to play tricks on you and tries to get you to do things out of boredom or fear. But if you don’t argue, if you don’t engage in the mockery, the mind will rest.  And the solitude reveals secrets.

When you discard the disguises you are all you have left. It is only you that you have to answer too. It is in the undisturbed halls of your mind that the answers roam freely waiting to be discovered.

In the end we can’t hide from the past. Without forgiveness we will never heal. Living in mere speculation is not enough. If we don’t get to the bottom of it we will live it over and over. We are all extremely valuable and we need each other. What we bring to the table is a feast and we need to be grateful for the invitation. When we come to terms with the fact that everything that has ever happened to us came from a choice we made on our own, in the first place, then we will be on the right track, pivoting on our heels as we wave. Thankful for the experiences, the lessons and the remarkable  journey it has been.




photo courtesy of http://www.wallsave.com/wallpaper/1920×1080/zen-nature-colorful-bamboo-185509.html