Open Up

Open Up {0}

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re up against But if you stay out in the open, it should start to make sense Other times you just won’t know where you’re headed But if you stay out in the open, you won’t be apprehended At bedtime you might be afraid to fall asleep But if(…)

Birds Don’t Fly When It’s Raining

Birds Don’t Fly When It’s Raining {0}

birds don’t fly when it’s raining for lack of a certain curiosity too much rain will keep you down and you’re left covered in vulnerability birds don’t fly when it’s raining busy listening for bending perplexities too much water can drown you while you’re unraveling the complexities birds don’t fly when it’s raining they weren’t(…)

More Spring Cleaning

More Spring Cleaning {0}

Out with the old and in with the new.  Cleaning house will give you instant feelings of gratification and accomplishment. Having space for new things will bring different kinds of possessions into your life just as surely as your thoughts will. Spring cleaning isn’t just for windows and it isn’t just for Spring time.  The(…)

Everyone Has An Opinion

Everyone Has An Opinion {0}

Taking stock of what you say can be more important than taking inventory of what you have.  Are you replaying the broken record over and over in your mind? Where are you getting your information? Haven’t you heard? You shouldn’t believe half of what you think. You should also only believe half of what you(…)

How Long Until Forever

How Long Until Forever {0}

If you had access to the keepers of your life flashing before your eyes what questions would you ask?  How would you greet the efferevescent premonitions?  Whatever would you wear? You can’t really wait because life waits for no one and you can’t look toward the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind because well, that’s(…)

What’s Your Question?

What’s Your Question? {0}

“The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face.”                                                                        (…)

Assets or Liabilities

Assets or Liabilities {0}

Checks and balances.  We go through most of our lives trying to acquire stability, to get it right and to evolve. My genius mother used to say, “Don’t forget, you are the company you keep, so choose your friends carefully”. “Umm okay well I’m 10 so my friends are kinda limited to whomever is in(…)

The Offering

The Offering {0}

                                    “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow.                                                      (…)