What’s Your Question?{0}

“The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are,

with the very next question you face.”

                                                                                       ~ Napoleon Hill

Being the W Chaser generates all kinds of questions. I most certainly want to know the where, who, why, and when of every little thing. But how do we know the right question to ask?  Where do we go for answers?

We know there are no stupid questions (thank God), and the more we ask the closer we get to the truths of the matter.  If we spend more time asking questions instead of saying “I” this or “me” that, we will grow exponentially. We don’t live in simple times so questions are changing. But are the days of a Thoreau influenced rhetoric really a thing of the past?

Life moves fast and keeping up with the Jones’s is no easy feat. People are rushing around in such haste, sometimes we forget our manners.  We misplace our compassion and we are quick to judge.  We react so fast that by the time we are done arguing we aren’t even talking about what sparked the flame to begin with.

What we bury will eventually come to the surface.  The rain will come wash away the cover and we are left bare to face the veracity of our existence.  We will have inflicted pain on love ones.  We will have become so self absorbed we will forget that anyone needs us.  We will become so wrapped up in what we own we will forget who we are.  We will walk around in transference and never get to the bottom of anything.

The self absorbed human prophecy of consumption is bound to conquer, if we don’t relinquish the ego. Time promises change if we can be without judgements and to be without judgements is to engage.  A rhetorical question and the Socratic method. Inquiring minds want to know and investigating souls are bound to grow.

If we can only stop ourselves from the engagement of the defenses long enough to ask questions. Take time every day to sit in silence and ask yourself some questions or one big question.  Write it (them) down or say it (them) out loud.  Before you go to bed at night ask a question and ask for the answer to come to you in your dreams. If you wake up in the middle of the night, write down whatever you remember and see if the answer to your question is there.  Pick a question and write it down with your writing hand on a piece of paper then with your other hand write down whatever comes to mind. See what happens.

Remember when we were kids and we questioned everything around us? That’s how we get to the bottom of it. We can’t be afraid to ask.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”     Matthew 21:22

Really?   Really.

photo courtesy of http://www.birdwallpapers.com/golden-pond-wallpaper.html